*All served with miso soup except udon soup

HAMACHI TERIYAKI (grilled hamachi w/ teriyaki w/rice & green)

CHICKEN KATSU (breaded chicken breast w/ creamy ginger wasabi & plus sauce w/ rice & cabbages)

GRILLED CHICKEN (chicken breast w/ teriyaki OR homemade creamy sesame w/ rice & greens)

SPARE RIBS 29 (braised pork ribs glazed w/ honey spicy, cilantro & sesame w/rice & greens)

GRILLED SALMON (honey wasabi & capers, OR marinated in miso, OR teriyaki w/ rice & greens)

SAKE OYAKO DON (salmon sashimi & ikura over sushi rice)

UNAGI DON (double layers of unagi on steamed rice)

VEGGIES MAKI PLATE (3 rolls of vegetarian roll @ chef’s choice)

TEKKA DON (maguro sashimi over sushi rice)

CHIRASHI (assorted sashimi over sushi rice)

HALF & HALF DON (hamachi & garlic albacore over sushi rice)

SUSHI COMBI (tempura roll OR spicy tuna roll & 7 pieces of nigiri @ chef’s choice)

THE CHIRASHI 29 (assorted sashimi w/ amaebi and ikura over sushi rice)

LARGE SASHIMI COMBI (18 pieces of fish @ chef’s choice served w/ spring mix salad & rice)