(Monday-Friday 11:30am to 2:30pm except holidays)

*sake roll, or Hamachi roll, or tekka roll, or avo-cu roll, or soft-shell crab, or gyoza, or string beans, can be added to your lunch order for just $5 more

LUNCH *served with miso soup, cabbage salad, pickle and rice*

GRILLED CHICKEN (chicken breast w/ teriyaki OR homemade creamy sesame)

CHICKEN KATSU (bread crumbed chicken breast w/ creamy ginger wasabi & tonkatsu sauce)

GRILLED SALMON (honey wasabi & capers, OR marinated in miso, OR teriyaki)

SPARE RIBS 29 (braised pork ribs glazed w/ honey spicy, cilantro & sesame)

LUNCH SALAD *served with miso soup*

GRILLED CHICKEN SALAD (grilled chicken breast w/spring mix, avocado, almond, dried fruits)

COCONUT PRAWN SALAD (fried prawns breaded in shredded coconut w/spring mix, avocado, almond, dried fruits)

SPIDER SALAD (fried soft-shell crab w/ spring mix, avocado, almond, dried fruits, tobiko)

TATAKI SALAD (seared ahi tuna w/ ponzu, spicy daikon, kaiware, onion, avocado w/spring mix)

LUNCH SUSHI PLATE*served with miso soup*

SAKE OYAKO DON (salmon sashimi & ikura over sushi rice)

VEGGIES MAKI PLATE (3 rolls of vegetarian roll @ chef’s choice)


SET A (spicy tuna, california, avo-cu)

SET B (wasachi, tekka, avo-cu)

SET C (tempura, sake, avo-cu)

SET D (yum yum, california, avo-cu)

LUNCH SUSHI COMBI (California roll or tuna-avocado & 5 pieces of nigiri @ chef choice)

LUNCH UDON SOUP SPECIAL *served with cabbage salad, pickle*

UDON SOUP w/(mixed veggies) w/(grilled chicken) w/(grilled salmon w/(tempura) w/(seafood)